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Your Relation w/ Food 🌱😋

Well-rounded health encompasses nurturing the body & mind. 

Many of us tend to tilt focus on one or the other, leading to an incomplete feeling. We may question why we feel this way and are not sure what it will take to feel complete. There are many roads to take upon this journey but a common starting point is understanding what you’re feeding your body.

There’s the ole saying, “You Are What You Eat”. This refers to the foods you intake affect the ability of what your body can output.

  • Think of your body as a car.
    • If your car has the wrong type of gas or runs out, it will not perform correctly.
    • If you don’t eat enough or feed your body too much junk, your energy levels are hindered.

Another part of the anatomy affected is your brain and its ability to have a cognitive function. That double-double, fries, & shake at In&Out® always sounds so good, but know it’s going to put us in a food coma. This food coma is the result of the body having a difficult time processing this type of fuel. Depending on the meal, the portion size plays a factor in the coma as well, even if it’s healthy fuel. Everything in moderation is a simple strategy to encompass living a balanced lifestyle.

Breaking down the idea of a healthy mind extends further than food. Ensuring you’re exercising your mind like you would your body. After all, the brain’s a muscle too.

  • Healthy stimulation can be things like:
    • Reading/Learning but allowing a break if you experience too much.
    • Meditation/Yoga/Quiet Time.
    • Exercising can also double as a healthy reset to the mind & body.
    • Watching TV is a nice mental break but again be cognizant of the intake & what content you intaking.

So, about that double-double combo… EAT IT for a refuel day or depending on what you’ve already taken in, go protein style no fries.


Food & Your Perception

All of us have our battles with food. Even I, the nutrition guy, have battled with food from time to time. Food is food. Enjoy it! It should bring you happiness. Not guilt & punishment by 13 hours of cardio the next day. Why even eat if that’s the case? Food gives us the energy to do a lot of things. It helps provide that big brain muscle the focus you need to knock out that big work project, strength to move massive amounts of weight in the gym, and aides in the recovery process.

It also affects our mood. Ever tried talking to a hangry person?!?!

Your relationship with food is understanding when & how much unhealthy vs healthy foods to intake to live happy & healthy.


💡Healthy Discovery: Along our journey, healthy/unhealthy, we’ve all experienced muscle strain/pain at some point. Personally, I prefer a more nature/holistic solution when available. I was introduced to Beren from Limitless Therapy to assist with my hip, back, and leg pain. His vast knowledge of the human body is insane! Within a few sessions, I’ve woken up with zero pain to the problem areas but doesn’t mean i’m outta the woods.

foodie Fit - Limitless Therapy

Stay happy & healthy Foodies!




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