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Effortless Healthy Living: The Convenience of Our Meal Prep Services

Get ready to elevate your meals and redefine healthy eating with Foodie Fit Meal Prep in Las Vegas! Say goodbye to compromising taste, health, or time because, with us, you truly can have it all.

Indulge in Flavor, Without the Wait

At Foodie Fit, we believe your meals should be a burst of flavor and a boost of nutrients, all rolled into one delightful bite. Our dedicated team crafts dishes that not only excite your palate but also nourish your body with essential goodness for peak well-being. Dive into the hearty goodness of our keto-friendly options or enjoy the light, refreshing notes of our gluten-free dishes. With Foodie Fit, every meal is a celebration of wholesome, delicious food.

Freshness Delivered to Your Doorstep

We get it, life is busy! That’s why our meal delivery service is your answer to enjoying fresh, homemade meals without the fuss. Prepared daily, our wholesome and nutrient-packed meals are delivered right to your doorstep, bringing convenience and health straight to you. If you prefer to pick up, we’ve got you covered too, with in-store pick-up!

Catering to Every Palate and Plate

At Foodie Fit, we’re all about variety and health. Our menu is refreshed every two weeks to keep your meals exciting and diverse. Whether you’re a keto enthusiast, gluten-free aficionado, or just someone who loves good food, our meal prep services are designed to cater to your unique tastes and dietary needs.

More Than Just Weight Loss

Think meal prep is only for weight loss? Think again! At Foodie Fit, we’re here for anyone looking to elevate their diet with nutritious and delicious meals, regardless of their health goals. Whether you crave convenience, want to maintain a balanced diet, or simply love the pleasure of well-prepared food, we’ve got something for everyone.

Your Meal, Your Way

Love customization? Our Custom meal section is your culinary playground! Mix and match our range of proteins, vegetables, and carbs to create meals that are perfectly tailored to your taste and nutritional needs. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy healthy eating, personalized just for you.

Embrace the joy of nourishing your body with Foodie Fit Meal Prep. With us, eating well isn’t just about feeding your body; it’s about living well and savoring every delicious bite. Join the Foodie Fit family today and experience the difference!

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Foodie Fit Referral Program

Star Eating For Free!

Hey Foodie Fam! Get ready to elevate your meals and your rewards with our brand-new referral code program! Here at Foodie Fit, we’re all about crafting delicious, nutritious meals that fuel your body and excite your taste buds.

When you purchase our convenient meals, you’ll snag a referral code. Share the Foodie Fit experience with your friends and family who haven’t discovered our fresh and healthy meals.

But wait, there’s more! When they place their first order using your code, you’ll score a $15 credit! That’s right, stack your points and feast on our chef-inspired meals for FREE and savor the benefits of eating healthy!

Ready to join the Foodie Fit team? Your exclusive referral code awaits you in your emailed receipt or in your Foodie Fit account under “Referral Code.” So, spread the love, share the flavor, and let’s live happy and healthy!

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Delivery vs. Pick-Up: Making the Right Choice for Your Lifestyle

Welcome to Foodie Fit, your go-to destination for healthy, delicious, and convenient meals in Las Vegas. Finding the time to prepare quick and nutritious meals can be a challenge. That’s where we step in, offering both meal delivery and pick-up options to fit your unique lifestyle. But which is the right choice for you? Let’s dive in and see what service is best for you.

Meal Delivery Service: Convenience at Your Doorstep

  • Ultimate Convenience: With meal delivery, the ultimate convenience is literally at your fingertips. You can order from anywhere and have your meals delivered straight to your door, saving you time and effort. This is perfect for busy professionals, parents, or anyone with a tight schedule.
  • No Need to Step Out: Bad weather? Tired? Busy? No problem. Meal delivery means you don’t have to venture outside if you don’t want to, making it a great choice for those days when leaving the house just isn’t appealing.

Pick-Up Services: Grab and Go Flexibility

  • Speed and Control: Picking up your meals gives you more control over when you get your food, perfect for those who are out and about and can easily swing by any of our 3 Las Vegas meal delivery locations.
  • A Chance to Learn More: We love meeting our customers! Picking up your meals offers a chance to visit FoodieFit, where you can see new offerings, ask questions, and even get some inspiration for your next order.

Making Your Choice

Choosing between meal delivery or meal pick-up services boils down to what factors are most important to you: convenience, speed, or perhaps a mix of these. At FoodieFit Meals, we’re committed to providing both options at the highest quality to ensure you can enjoy our meals in a way that best fits your lifestyle.

Whether you opt for the convenience of meal delivery or the flexibility of pick-up, FoodieFit is here to support your healthy eating goals with the best meal delivery service in Las Vegas. Discover your perfect fit and let us take care of the rest. Learn more about our prepared meal delivery services and start enjoying convenience, variety, and deliciousness today!

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Allergen Friendly

Eating like Royalty Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank.

Introducing a culinary journey like never before with Foodie Fit Meal Prep in Las Vegas! For over 5 delicious years, we’ve been on a mission to make every bite a joy for everyone, from the young at heart to the young at belly.

At Foodie Fit, we’re not just cooking up meals; we’re crafting experiences. We get it – dietary restrictions shouldn’t hinder flavor! That’s why we’ve become the go-to spot for those who crave incredible dishes without compromising on nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free goodness.

Imagine savoring mouthwatering meals you thought were off-limits! Our chef is a culinary wizard, conjuring up a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds, all while steering clear of those pesky allergens.

Thai Basil TurkeySalmon TeriyakiKung Fit ChickenChinese BBQ ChickenChicken Fried Rice

And guess what? Eating like royalty doesn’t have to break the bank. We’re not just your average meal prep service; we’re the affordable magic-makers of great taste. Three locations right here in Las Vegas ( Green Valley, Summerlin, and Northwest) means you’re never far from a feast that caters to your cravings and your budget.

Let us take the hassle out of meal prepping. Our allergen-friendly ingredients ensure that everyone – young or old – can relish in the joy of dining out without worry.

Foodie Fit Meal Prep in Las Vegas is not just about meals; it’s about crafting memories around the table. Join us on this culinary adventure where affordability meets delectability, and restrictions bow down to flavor. After all, we believe in making every meal an affair to savor!

Store #3 Northwest Location

Hey there, my fabulous Foodie Fit fam! Do we have some deliciously exciting news for you! We’re about to embark on a culinary adventure that’s going to take us to new heights, or should I say, new directions? Drumroll, please… We’re expanding to the northwest side, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the scoop with all our wonderful customers, and maybe even some soon-to-be converts. 🥁

You’ve heard it right, folks! Foodie Fit is spreading its culinary wings and heading northwest, making it easier than ever for you to get your hands on affordable and convenient meal prep. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the very best, and our third store on the northwest side is our way of ensuring everyone in the Las Vegas Valley gets a slice of the Foodie Fit pie, without the actual pie, of course, because we’re all about keeping you “foodie fit.” 🥦🍗

Now, I wish I could give you a juicy scoop about all the mouthwatering details, but alas, my lips are sealed. However, we do have a couple of exciting store updates over on our Instagram page, so be sure to check them out.

Update #1
Update #2

So, where exactly can you find our third Foodie Fit location? We’re setting up shop at Ann and 95, right there in the Albertsons parking lot. The best part? When you make the trek to the new location or if you’re one of the lucky folks living nearby, keep your eyes peeled for some dazzling window decals. And guess what? Those decals hide a tasty secret—a QR Code! 📱

Foodie Fit Northwest Location

Scan that code, and voila! You’ll be greeted with a fabulous FREE MEAL coupon, courtesy of Foodie Fit. That’s right, folks—no strings attached, just a whole lot of deliciousness waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get down there, scan away, and claim your free meal!

Mark your calendars because the grand opening of our third store is set for January 2024. What better way to kick off the new year than with a brand new Foodie Fit location? 🎉 So, stay tuned right here on this blog, our website, or our social media handles for all the scrumptious updates as we dance our way through construction and completion.

While you wait in eager anticipation, why not take a moment to peruse our mouthwatering menu? Start your journey to happiness and healthiness with the tantalizing options we have available right now. You’ll be doing your taste buds and waistline a favor.

Foodie Fit Meal Prep


Thanks for being the most amazing Foodie Fam out there, and we’ll keep the tasty updates coming. Stay healthy, stay happy, and keep munching on, Foodie Fam! 🍽️🥕

Meal Prep Las Vegas

Satisfy Your Cravings: Foodie Fit Las Vegas Meal Prep Takes Over Las Vegas!

Say hi to Foodie Fit Las Vegas Meal Prep, the town’s haven for affordable and healthy eats. With a duo of thriving spots and whispers about a third one sprouting up in the northwest, we’re ready to dish out why Foodie Fit is the foodie’s secret handshake in Vegas!

Foodie Fit Green Valley: Where the Adventure Begins

Nestled in the heart of Green Valley, Foodie Fit’s first location is your gateway to culinary delight. The moment you step into their vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, you’ll be greeted by the irresistible aroma of freshly prepared, wholesome meals. It’s the kind of scent that makes your taste buds do a joyful jig.

Foodie Fit Summerlin: A Culinary Haven in the West

In the bustling Summerlin neighborhood, Foodie Fit sets up its second home. It’s all about choice, and whether you’re on the east side, the south side, or here in the west, you’re never far from a Foodie Fit fix.

Convenience Meets Deliciousness 

Life in Las Vegas can be thrilling, but it’s often fast-paced. That’s where Foodie Fit’s meal prep magic comes in. Say goodbye to the hassle of grocery shopping, meal prep, and cleanup. Foodie Fit makes dining simple, providing perfectly portioned, chef-crafted meals that are always ready to go. Grab one on your way to work, before your gym session, or whenever your taste buds crave adventure. It’s an oasis of convenience, right in the heart of Sin City.

Affordable Meal Prep: Where Deliciousness Meets Your Budget

Las Vegas is known for its extravagance, but Foodie Fit offers a refreshing change of pace. We understand that good food doesn’t have to break the bank. With our wallet-friendly pricing, you’ll be left wondering why you ever dined anywhere else. It’s a foodie’s dream come true – eating well without draining your wallet.

Salmon Teriyaki  Chili Mac  Cajun Shrimp Bowl

** View the full menu here

Nutritious and Clean – A Healthier You, One Bite at a Time

In a city filled with indulgence, Foodie Fit stands out. Their commitment to using clean, locally sourced ingredients ensures that every bite you take is a step towards a healthier you. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious professional, or someone simply looking for a tasty and wholesome meal, Foodie Fit has your ideal plate ready and waiting.

Exciting News: Foodie Fit North West is on the Horizon!

And now, the pièce de résistance: Foodie Fit is taking over the northwest side! We’re thrilled to announce the forthcoming opening of their third location, Foodie Fit North West. Soon, even more foodies will have the chance to revel in the culinary delights that Foodie Fit has to offer. Get ready for a taste revolution, Las Vegas. Foodie Fit Las Vegas Meal Prep is here to stay!

In a city as dynamic as Las Vegas, Foodie Fit Las Vegas Meal Prep is a culinary oasis that’s winning hearts with every delicious bite. So whether you’re a local looking for convenient, healthy dining options or a visitor who wants a taste of the city, Foodie Fit has you covered. Discover their Green Valley and Summerlin locations, and stay tuned for the grand opening of Foodie Fit North West. Your foodie adventure in Las Vegas just got a whole lot more exciting!


Prepped for school

Prepped for School: Empowering Young Minds with Love and Support


Gather ’round, dear readers! The much-awaited season of giving and spreading joy has arrived and passed—our 6th annual “Prepped for School” event. We couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this journey again, for it’s not just about school supplies; it’s about igniting a spark of hope in the hearts of young learners. Our mission was simple yet profound: to support Title 1 elementary schools in pursuing educational excellence, ensuring every student has the tools they need to conquer the world!

United by Love and Crowdfunding

At the heart of our cause lies the spirit of unity, the magic of crowdfunding, and the unwavering support from local business sponsors. Together, we form an unstoppable force that can change the trajectory of young lives. We understand the challenges that Title 1 schools face, and we’re determined to turn the tide in their favor. Through your generous contributions, we were able to give 1500 backpacks and supplies to make the upcoming school year a memorable one for all the young scholars we touch.

Gratitude to our Amazing Sponsors

None of this would be possible without our extraordinary sponsors, whose unwavering belief in our cause has been the wind beneath our wings. Let us take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to each one of them:

1. Michael Sheedy: Your support has been a driving force, lighting the path for countless young minds.

2. Peak Services: Your commitment to educational empowerment has had a profound impact on our cause.

3. Team Lee: Your dedication to nurturing a brighter future for children is truly awe-inspiring.

4. Awesomeness Foundation Fund: With a name like yours, it’s no wonder the children we help feel nothing short of incredible!

5. Paina Cafe: Your generous contributions have infused smiles and warmth into the lives of many.

6. Mondays Dark: Your passion for giving back has made Mondays not just bearable but also meaningful.

7. Unlokt: Your kindness has unlocked new opportunities for students to reach for the stars.

8. Connell Law: Your commitment to justice extends beyond courtrooms to shape young minds.

9. Nu World: Your belief in nurturing innovation has opened new horizons for budding talents.

10. Lotus of Siam: Your support has blossomed like a lotus, bringing hope and beauty to our cause.

11. Family Movers: Your dedication to helping families extends beyond physical spaces to create a brighter future for them.

Prepped For School


Our goal this year was to ensure every child starts the school year with a backpack full of dreams, supported by love, and equipped with the tools they need to thrive. Let’s continue to spread the word, rally our friends and family, and come together to prepare these kids for school. With your help, we’ll paint a brighter future for them, one filled with endless possibilities and unwavering support. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see the smiles on those little faces as they embark on their educational journey, knowing that they are loved and supported.

Thank you, our amazing sponsors, for being the true champions of this cause. Your belief in our mission has transformed lives and sown seeds of hope in the hearts of many.

Let’s do this!