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Your Relation w/ Food 🌱😋

Well-rounded health encompasses nurturing the body & mind. 

Many of us tend to tilt focus on one or the other, leading to an incomplete feeling. We may question why we feel this way and are not sure what it will take to feel complete. There are many roads to take upon this journey but a common starting point is understanding what you’re feeding your body.

There’s the ole saying, “You Are What You Eat”. This refers to the foods you intake affect the ability of what your body can output.

  • Think of your body as a car.
    • If your car has the wrong type of gas or runs out, it will not perform correctly.
    • If you don’t eat enough or feed your body too much junk, your energy levels are hindered.

Another part of the anatomy affected is your brain and its ability to have a cognitive function. That double-double, fries, & shake at In&Out® always sounds so good, but know it’s going to put us in a food coma. This food coma is the result of the body having a difficult time processing this type of fuel. Depending on the meal, the portion size plays a factor in the coma as well, even if it’s healthy fuel. Everything in moderation is a simple strategy to encompass living a balanced lifestyle.

Breaking down the idea of a healthy mind extends further than food. Ensuring you’re exercising your mind like you would your body. After all, the brain’s a muscle too.

  • Healthy stimulation can be things like:
    • Reading/Learning but allowing a break if you experience too much.
    • Meditation/Yoga/Quiet Time.
    • Exercising can also double as a healthy reset to the mind & body.
    • Watching TV is a nice mental break but again be cognizant of the intake & what content you intaking.

So, about that double-double combo… EAT IT for a refuel day or depending on what you’ve already taken in, go protein style no fries.


Food & Your Perception

All of us have our battles with food. Even I, the nutrition guy, have battled with food from time to time. Food is food. Enjoy it! It should bring you happiness. Not guilt & punishment by 13 hours of cardio the next day. Why even eat if that’s the case? Food gives us the energy to do a lot of things. It helps provide that big brain muscle the focus you need to knock out that big work project, strength to move massive amounts of weight in the gym, and aides in the recovery process.

It also affects our mood. Ever tried talking to a hangry person?!?!

Your relationship with food is understanding when & how much unhealthy vs healthy foods to intake to live happy & healthy.


💡Healthy Discovery: Along our journey, healthy/unhealthy, we’ve all experienced muscle strain/pain at some point. Personally, I prefer a more nature/holistic solution when available. I was introduced to Beren from Limitless Therapy to assist with my hip, back, and leg pain. His vast knowledge of the human body is insane! Within a few sessions, I’ve woken up with zero pain to the problem areas but doesn’t mean i’m outta the woods.

foodie Fit - Limitless Therapy

Stay happy & healthy Foodies!





The Diet Killer 🔪

Put an end to pain & suffering from those trendy diets. They work for some people and fail for most. What’s even more disappointing is shedding weight fast and gaining it back as fast as it came off. This process is stressful on the body and rarely enjoyable. How nice would it be to eat the foods you love, shed weight, and maintain your health all year round?

Got your attention?? The foundation is simply living a balanced lifestyle.

🧪 The Formula:

Portion Control

  • We discussed the “Balance by Hand method in the last blog. Use this method when taking in those “cheat day” or “holiday celebration” meals.

Eating In Color

  • Enjoying well-balanced, tasty, & fast meals (this is a real thing 🤯).

Eat In Color Happy

WHAT IS: Eat-In Color?

When was the last time you heard someone refer to their diet as being enjoyable and that it’s so great, they’re going to make it a lifestyle 365 days? Says NOBODY! Don’t be that person nobody invites to eat anymore because the only thing you can order is a salad with the dressing on the side and grilled chicken breast. 🙄

The Eating In Color meal plan was created by yours truly, in effort to realistically merge: Healthy & Happy ☯️

  • The diet-killer!
    • Enjoy eating whatever you like so long as it follows the simple plan.
  • Choose between 2 calorie packages (1500 and 2000).
    • Then choose 1 meal plan out of the 3 offerings in the calorie package.
    • How do you choose the right package and meal plan?
    • If you fall within one of 3 categories, start there.

**Update 10.11.21

🚦Find out how to start an Eat-In Color meal plan… read below or download the PDF for future reference. 



Choosing The Right Package

There are many ways you can use Eat In Color but right now we need to get you into a routine. If you eat inconsistently as it is and eat mostly junk, chances are we have no idea what your body truly needs. If you’re this person I recommend starting with the 1500 calorie package for 3 days. Pay attention to your hunger and energy during this first phase. If your hunger is through the roof after each meal and your energy is low all day, then bump up to the 2000 calorie package.  

For those of you that are on the go all day and eat somewhat decent, I recommend starting at the 1500 calorie package for 3 days as well. The only difference is that I want you to stick with the meal plan with the bigger portion sizes. Since you’ll be going longer than 4 hours before eating your next meal, it’s crucial to have ample energy to get through long periods of activity. If you feel hungry and foggy during these days then switch to the 2000 calorie package.

Foodie Fit Meal Plan

Foodie Fit Meal Plan


Category #1

I eat inconsistently & choose to hit the fast-food drive-thru

  • 1500 calorie package and any meal plan. 

Foodie Fit Eat In Color

Category #2

I snack throughout the day rather than eating a meal. 

  • 1500 calorie package and a meal plan with snacks. 

Foodie Fit Eat in Color

Category #3

On-the-go and don’t have time to eat 5 meals a day. 

  • 1500 calorie package and the meal plan with bulk size options. 

Eat in Color Foodie Fit 

Stick to the package and meal plan you chose for 3 days.

  • In this first phase, you will pay attention to your hunger & focus.
  • If your hunger is all you can focus on and can’t focus on anything longer than 3 seconds, then move up to the 2000 calorie package and stick with a similar meal plan.

Nutrition Foodie Fit

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The Takeaway

Once you’ve found the package that’s satisfying, I want you to stick with it for the next 30 days. Pay attention to your hunger, energy levels, ability to rest & focus. Monitor these daily.

  • If any of these feel off, this is your body telling you, “you’re not eating enough”.
  • Creating consistency when it comes to eating is very important to build a strong mind-body connection.


💡Holiday Tip: Survive The Season Of Eating

Got a pillowcase of candy in your room? Did you bring leftovers home from all the Thanksgiving dinners you went to? You must be freaking out not knowing if you should have any of it or just toss it. If you’re going to toss it at least give me some! But seriously, you don’t have to and here’s why. You’re going to substitute these into your Eat In Color meal plan and here’s how:

  • Sweets & Pastries = SNACK
    • Replace your Foodie Fit snacks with a 1-holiday snack. 
    • Limit 2 per day. 
  • Holiday Meal = 1 MEAL
    • Replace your Foodie Fit meal with a 1-holiday meal. 
    • Limit 2 per day 


~ Stay happy & healthy Foodies!

How To Stay Balanced

Seeking Balance?

As the Holiday months approach, you’re probably questioning whether or not to indulge in those mouthwatering family dinners?

Did you spend all summer staying on track or maybe even just beginning a health journey? Whatever part of the path you’re on, the fear of ruining your health goal progress or putting on unwanted lbs is top of mind.

In this week’s blog, I’m going to reveal how you can enjoy those holiday meals while achieving a healthy & happy lifestyle. This is what is referred to as “BALANCE”. First, we’ll identify what balance is, and second, how easy it can be to create it.

For those impatient readers, I’ll leave you with a “handy” method on how to create a happy & healthy balance in your life. We’ll do this using a simple portion-size visualization method.



Use your hand as a general size representation to visualize measurements of proteins, veggies, & carbohydrates. By doing this, you’re now able to form healthy portion sizes on the go. We’re not looking to be exact but rather sticking to a general metric range.


PALMED HAND: Use the surface area of your palm to visualize measurements of proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, & beans.

Note: the goal is a 3-5oz serving and should look relative in size/thickness of your palm.


CUPPED HAND:  Use the area of your cup-shaped hand to visualize measurements of carbohydrate-dense foods such as oats, starches, & fruit.

Note: the goal is a 1-3 oz serving.


THE FIST: Use the size of your first to visualize measurements of veggies.

Note: the goal is a 0.5-1 cup serving.


THE THUMB: Use the area of your thumb to visualize measurements of fats such as oils, sauces, salad dressings, & nuts.

Note: the goal is a 1 tbsp serving.



MEN: I recommend having 1-2 servings of each ingredient listed above per meal.

WOMEN: I recommend having 1 serving of protein & carbohydrates, and 1-2 servings of vegetables & fats.




Throughout the years of nutrition coaching, one of my roles is creating a health journey roadmap for our fellow Foodies.  During earlier years, the bulk of client health goals were based upon physique (weight loss/muscle gain). Post covid, there’s been a growing number of clients wanting health while not sacrificing those joys of eating out or drinking a favorite beverage.

I realized, what they were seeking is simply a balanced lifestyle. The average person doesn’t desire to eat a strict/boring meal plan and working out like a navy seal every day. Having balance is creating the ability to eat the foods you love and still be healthy. And no, this isn’t the true definition. This is how I define balance when speaking about dieting, which is another topic I’ll address in a future post.

So, how exactly is the balance achieved then? The science is confusing but the method is made easy.



Do you enjoy eating pasta once/twice a week? Cool. Have it. You don’t eat salmon anymore because your friend read that fat is bad for you? Well, your friend isn’t entirely correct.

Your body needs the omega 3 fatty acids from the salmon for many reasons. Fats help maintain your cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. There’s much more to fats, how it works, and what it does. We’ll dig into this topic as well in a future post.

  • The key to having the foods you love is portion control. There’s a saying I express in relation to portion control, “the dose makes the poison”. This is a short version of what was said by a toxicologist, ~Paracelsus. But how is this relative?
  • Think of your plate as the pill. The amount of food you place on your plate is the dose.
  • Are you adding portions the size of the center plate or are you piling it on the size of a mountain?

If you answered yes to the first part, then perfect! You’re practicing balance. If you’re the mountain size portion, then the balance isn’t a card in your deck.



Measuring your food will help prevent overeating. You’re probably thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time to measure food!”. There’s no need for a scale and measure every single piece of food on your plate.

The idea is to remain in a general range, based on eating proteins, veggies, & carbohydrates.

For this, all you need is the “Balance by Hand” method noted above. If you simply don’t want to deal with cooking or measuring, Foodie Fit does all the portioning for you with ready heat & eat meals. But don’t take my word for it 😉

New items


Practice using your hand as your measuring tool for 30 days. I’d love to hear how this works out for you or if even you have questions. charlie@foodiefit.com

I hope this has helped you gain understanding & technique to portioning. The goal is to eliminate overeating, reduce the risk of hindering current health progress, but most importantly, the ease of knowing you can enjoy eating the foods you love.


Stay happy & healthy Foodies!